Debbie is concerned for Cain and suggests that he goes home to get some sleep after discovering he spent all night at the garage. Moira tries to make Pete see Finn as a right to see Emma. Cain is horrified when Debbie's car breaks down, aware that it's his fault. Pete tries to persuade Victoria to talk Finn out of seeing Emma but she ignores him. Cain blames Dan for Debbie's car breaking down, leading to Debbie putting him on a warning. As Dan protests his innocence, Cain sacks him and hires Ross in his place. Marlon finds the recycling box full of empty wine bottles and is surprised at how much alcohol he and Laurel have consumed over Christmas. Debbie advises Pete to go easy on Finn. David convinces Lachlan to return to football coaching. Marlon and Laurel agree to give up alcohol for January. Pete tries to make Finn see that bringing Emma back into their lives will only open up old wounds and break James' heart. Moira voices her concerns to Charity over Cain's odd behaviour, wondering what could be going on with him. Charity is just as clueless, but knows something isn't right. Alone in the garage, Cain feels a sharp pain in his head and collapses. Finn ignores Emma when she calls him and tells Victoria that he's decided not to see her anymore. Cain regains consciousness and gets up as Charity arrives. A worried Charity questions him but he warns her to back off.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Moira voices her concerns to Charity, wondering what is going on with her husband. Later that evening, while alone in the garage, Cain feels a sharp pain in his head and collapses.
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 5,890,000 viewers (23rd place).

Memorable dialogue

David Metcalfe: "Brenda, what's your WiFi password?"
Brenda Walker: "Brenda's baps 8. All lower case."

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