Robert offers to take Lachlan to football training so Chrissie can have some time to herself. Victoria vents her frustrations to Andy that Adam promised to win her back but has made no effort. Robert offers to pay for the kids football team outfit when Alicia informs him they're struggling to cover costs. Debbie's suspicious when she finds out Cain paid Dan off. She gives Dan his job back. Pearl arrives back from Paddy's reunion drunk. David gets Lachlan helping to coach the team. Andy tells Adam he needs to make a move on Victoria if he stands a chance with her again. Chas warns Cain off getting back together with Charity but he assures her their relationship is innocent. Adam buys Victoria a puppy, knowing that she's always wanted one. He's disappointed when she tells him she won't have the time to look after it and gives it him back. Aaron agrees to have it. Robert lays it on thick for Chas and Katie by chatting and laughing with Alicia in the pub. Katie becomes convinced they're having an affair. Cain tells Moira he's changed his mind about going to Spain and he's re-booked their holiday. When she confronts him about his behaviour, he builds himself up to telling her about the aneurism but bottles it. Andy warns Katie that she's becoming obsessed with Robert. Charity's livid to discover Cain hasn't told Moira the truth and threatens to tell her herself.


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