Moira, Debbie and Charity wait for news on Cain at the hospital. Back at Wishing Well Cottage, the Dingles struggle to act enthusiastic for Samson's birthday. Chrissie blames David for Lachlan's tattoo. Moira refuses to see Cain until he signs the operation papers. Adam turns up at The Woolpack to surprise Victoria and she ropes him into helping her cook. The Neurosurgeon tries to coax Cain to have the operation, pointing out that he should have been coming in for checkups since his injury and insisting on the seriousness of the situation. Cain continues to refuse. Debbie tells him that he's breaking Moira's heart. Alicia teases Lachlan about copying David's tattoos. He offers to cover at the shop when Alicia has to rush off to cover Chas at The Woolpack. Moira's irritated when the Dingles express how grateful they are to Charity for trying to help Cain. Cain calls Moira in and shows her that he's signed the papers for the operation. James asks Pete and Ross to take Finn out tomorrow in an attempt to cheer him up. Cain shares his fears with Moira that if the operation was to go wrong he'd regress back to how he was following the injury. Victoria is amused when she finds Adam cooking in just an apron and his boxers. Sam is confused when he finds Belle at home instead of at school but she rushes away. Alicia walks in on Adam and Victoria having sex in The Woolpack kitchen. Robert reassures a worried Aaron that Cain will be fine. The Dingles are relieved to hear that Cain will be having his operation tomorrow.


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Memorable dialogue

Cain Dingle: "Y'know something, Cameron once said..."
Moira Dingle: "What? That nutter?"
Cain Dingle: "...When I was on my crutches - "Not much of a man anymore are ya, grandad?". He was right, I was pathetic."
Moira Dingle: "Yeah, but you didn't give up."
Cain Dingle: "Yeah, but the effort it took... just to be something of what I was."
Moira Dingle: "Cain... you are ten times the man you used to be. And that thug who tried to destroy my marriage? That's not the man I fell in love with. You changed and you're better for it."

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