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Georgia tries to come up with a way of secretly getting Jai to the registry office. Moira tells James that Emma turned up at the farm. Jimmy and Rodney are still concerned as Nicola buries herself in work. Zak finds money missing from the pot while Lisa finds two empty vodka bottles outside the cottage. They blame Belle who insists she didn't take them. Zak grows concerned when he notices her talking to thin air. Georgia lies to Jai that she's ill and has a hospital appointment she needs to go to in order to trick him into going to the registry office. Ali overhears Georgia and Priya discussing the wedding. Zak notices Belle talking to thin air again on the CCTV and realises what's wrong. Belle's unnerved when Amelia passes comment that Sean's been in an accident at army training and Katie informs her that Gemma's memorial has been trashed. Zak warns Lisa that he believes Belle is hearing voices but Lisa dismisses him. Back at Wishing Well Cottage, Belle packs her things and says goodbye to Alfie. Lisa receives a call from the school to say Belle hasn't been attending. James becomes suspicious of how much Pete remembers when he makes comments regarding Emma and Ross. Leyla realises she's not over Jai as she tries to put the finishing touches to the wedding. Still worried for Nicola, Chrissie sends her home from work. Pete confesses to James he knows Emma left because she tried to smother Ross. He tells James he remembers Ross screaming and Emma leaning over him with the pillow over his face and that she only stopped when James pulled her off him. He makes Pete promise not to tell Ross. Pete informs him that he saw her again years later and he's the reason she never came back. Lisa, Zak and Sam try to find Belle and realise she's missing. Leyla turns up at the factory and tells Jai that she wants him. She reveals that Megan has booked the registry office for this afternoon and that she can't let him go through with it. Sam is bewildered to find Tracy asleep in the barn whilst searching for Belle. Belle panics when she has an argument with 'Gemma' not knowing that Katie has walked in and witnessed everything.


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