Bernice and Rodney pick up on Jimmy avoiding Nicola and confront him. He tells them she's going through early menopause. Zak surprises Lisa with flowers for their anniversary and Sam convinces her to go for a drink later. Finn offers to babysit Jack when Debbie has to go into town. Rishi tries to convince Jai to make up with Megan, making him realise he only has a chance of a relationship with Archie if he has a stable family. Rachel reminds Sam that he's welcome to see Archie whenever he wants but Tracy gets rid of her. Finn meets with Emma whilst babysitting Jack but is forced to leave Jack with her when he gets called into work. Jai grovels to Megan. Pete is livid to discover Jack with Emma and throws her out when he notices he's cut his hand under her supervision. Lisa's amazed when she arrives at The Woolpack to see Belle's put on a surprise anniversary party for her. Jai and Megan make up. Lisa finds Belle on her own. Belle confides in her that the medication is working mostly but she finds herself with little emotion. Pete tells Debbie what Emma did to Ross as a child. Debbie's horrified. Nicola confronts Jimmy over Bernice, Rodney and Georgia knowing about her early menopause before leading him upstairs, demanding she wants a baby. Pete threatens Emma with an ultimatum - either she leaves the village or he tells Finn and Ross the truth.


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