Finn plans to confront Pete for how he treated Emma but she tells him to stop interfering. Jimmy tries to avoid Nicola's baby making schedule. Jai agrees to let the dust settle before fighting to see Archie and re-employs Ali. Emma informs James about Pete's threat and asks him to have a word. Kerry plans to reunite Sam and Rachel by giving Rachel a makeover. James asks Pete not to spill Emma's secret but finds himself unable to defend her when Pete states he can't trust her around a child. Robert tells Aaron he's booked them into a hotel for later. Emma's devastated when she bumps into Pete and he warns her away again, informing her that James agrees she shouldn't be trusted around a child either. Rachel is hopeful after her makeover. Katie is smug when she overhears Robert on the phone to a hotel. Rachel seeks out Sam and is touched when he offers to be there for Archie if she needs him. Emma angrily confronts James at Butler's Farm. Paddy's suspicious when he finds Aaron all dressed up and he's forced to admit he's seeing a bloke but asks him to keep quiet. Katie tells Chrissie he overheard Robert on the phone to the Barden Park hotel. She awakens Chrissie's suspicions who believes he's in Peterborough. Nicola breaks down to Rodney knowing she may not be able to have anymore kids. Emma and James's argument turns heated and in her frustration she kicks out at a hoist causing a pallet to crash down on James, knocking him unconscious and trapping him below. Rachel and Sam share a moment with Samson and Archie. She makes a move to kiss him but he angrily pushes her away. Emma hesitates as she goes to call an ambulance for James, before pocketing her phone and calmly walking away.


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