Pete agrees to consider joining Emma, Ross and Finn for tea later. Victoria picks up on a frosty atmosphere between Andy and Katie as they move out of Tug Ghyll and into the caravan at Wylie's Farm. Andy apologises to Robert for Katie's actions at the hotel. Val warns Tracy that Kerry is trying to split her and Sam up but she won't let it happen. Laurel is irritable at facing another month with no alcohol. Robert asks Andy to be his best man. Aaron admits to Paddy that his bloke has a wife, not a boyfriend. Paddy advises him to walk away before he gets hurt. Katie patches things up with Andy before warning Robert that she will get to the bottom of what he's hiding. Lachlan arrives to babysit Jacob as David and Alicia go out for the night. Robert makes his way to Wylie's Farm and breaks into Andy and Katie's caravan. Emma's delighted when Pete arrives for tea and the boys share memories from them school days with her. Robert trashes the caravan before setting it alight. Lachlan deliberately cuts himself with the kitchen knife in order to get Alicia and David to come home early. Val persuades Tracy to go along to Chrissie and Robert's wedding in order to show off her relationship with Sam. Doug ropes Laurel into wine tasting with him. Chrissie finds Robert writing his wedding speech at home. Katie and Andy arrive at the caravan in time to witness it explode in front of them.


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