Rachel and Tracy exchange insults in the street and Tracy warns her to stay away. Robert manipulates Chrissie into proposing they pull the sale of Wylie's Farm in order to get back at Katie. Sam's disappointed when Rachel cancels their afternoon at the park. Leyla discovers Georgia is planning to buy Tug Ghyll. She goes into cahoots with Rodney and Kerry to put Georgia off buying the house. Robert gleefully tells Katie that they will no longer be selling the farm to her. Georgia arrives to view Tug Ghyll with Rodney. Katie rants to Chas about Robert and is frustrated to discover Chas doesn't believe what she's saying. Chas falls out with her when Katie reminds her that she didn't believe Gennie's accusations of Cameron either but they turned out to be right. Robert arranges to meet Aaron later insisting it's important. Leyla, Kerry, Dan and Amelia try to put Georgia off the house by playing loud music and borrowing dogs from the Vets' Surgery. Rachel tries to tell Sam that Tracy warned her off but he refuses to listen and throws her out, telling her she's nothing to him anymore. Katie's relieved when Andy agrees to return to Tug Ghyll but keeps quiet about Robert pulling the farm from them. Aaron stands Robert up. Katie apologises to Chas for their fallout. Ali's upset when she discovers Rachel has applied for a Nursery Assistant job in Luton. Robert tracks down Aaron and tells him he wanted to carry their affair on after the wedding and even pulled the farm sale in order for them to have somewhere to meet, but now he knows it was a mistake. Rachel explains that she can't stay in the village and watch Sam get hurt by Tracy. Rodney's horrified to discover Georgia hasn't been put off buying Tug Ghyll. Aaron tells Katie that she was right to suspect Robert of an affair and he can prove it.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Robert manipulates Chrissie into suggesting they pull out of the farm deal to punish Katie for her accusations, and he enjoys telling her the news. However, her fortunes take a turn for the better when Aaron suddenly confesses he has been having an affair with the groom - and can prove it.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 6,010,000 viewers (21st place).
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