After the downfall of Joe and Penny's relationship, she leaves for Birmingham, only telling Jack.


Joe is shocked, but pleased to see Carol. They go to The Woolpack with Janie. Jack worries about Annie being lonely when Sam dies and if Joe gets married; she doesn't want to talk about the family splitting up. Joe, Janie and Carol get on well in the pub, but Janie returns to Frank and leaves Joe alone with Carol. The following day, Jack admires a stone wall that he made six months ago, he asks after Marian to Henry. Things are strained when Joe calls to see Penny. She tells Joe she went to see her father's grave last night. Henry asks Jack if Annie has said anything about him and questions him about Tom Raistrick. Jack annoys him by teasing him. Janie and Carol discuss putting on a play. Dr. Scott and Jack meet each other for the first time at the archaeological dig, he chats her up. Penny tells Jack that she's decided to move on and is going back to Birmingham. Jack's sad to see her go, but she says there is a chance she may return. Jack says he will look after her father's grave for her. She then leaves. Amos advertises for a barmaid in the paper. Henry expects him to have a big response as the phone starts to ring. Joe finds Penny's empty room. Jack informs him that Penny's gone.


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