Aaron struggles to comprehend covering up Katie's death but agrees to go along with it. He covers up any trace of him and Robert being there as Robert leaves to get married. Ross is devastated as Emma is unable to deny that she tried to kill him. Ali agrees to let Jai see Archie later as Priya arranges it. Emma explains to Finn that she had post-natal depression as he rants at her for lying and pinning the marriage falling apart on James. She leaves to find Ross. Robert arrives at the church and blames the car breaking down for being late. Andy quizzes him on pulling out of the farm sale but he denies it. Jai gets a shock when he arrives at the factory to find Ali and Priya with Archie. They agree to keep it quiet from Megan and Rachel. Emma begs Ross to hear her out. Robert keeps his guilt under control as he marries Chrissie with Andy by his side. Megan walks in on Jai and Archie and walks back out upon seeing them together. Aaron arrives at the church to see Robert and Chrissie making their vows. Emma tries to explain to Ross that she wasn't well and she should have asked for help. Ross tells her to leave but she says she's not leaving again. Georgia apologises to Rodney for her outburst but he tells her he wants to break up before informing her he's leaving for a couple of weeks having taken on a Europe job. Diane is touched as Andy makes his best man speech at the wedding reception. Ross begins packing Emma's things. When she refuses to leave, he walks out. Tracy falls out with Sam, accusing him of being embarrassed by her as the villagers gossip about them at the reception. Sam tells Andy he saw Katie heading for Wylie's Farm as he leaves to find her. Jai apologises to Megan for seeing Archie. She explains the police called and the boy that they were looking after was Josh's son. Jai is horrified that somebody could sell their own child. Megan admits that she's still struggling. Andy arrives at the farm and discovers Katie dead on the floor.


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Memorable dialogue

Val Pollard: "Why don't you keep your neb out? They're young and in love. Don't suppose you can remember what that's like."
Nicola King: "Well if I can't, you've got no hope."
Tracy Shankley: (re Sam) "Keep your eyes to yourself, he's taken."
Nicola King: "Taken in, more like."

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