Debbie asks Andy to come and see the kids but he isn't keen. Lisa and Sam discover Belle has gone missing overnight. Emma's pleased when she discovers James has convinced Finn to stay at Dale View. Rhona sees Pearl with a letter informing her she's thousands of pounds in debt. Pearl plans to make a call. Emma's hopeful when James asks to meet her for lunch not knowing he intends to ask her for a divorce. Jacob's impressed by Lachlan's photo montage of Katie and asks him to do one for Alicia's birthday. Lachlan agrees on the condition he can get him pictures of her. The Dingles search for Belle, recruiting Rachel to help out to Tracy's annoyance. Belle wakes at Wylie's Farm and hears Gemma's voice again. Samson finds her but Belle scares him off leaving him terrified when she tells him she killed Katie and he can't let on her whereabouts. Chrissie is grateful for Alicia and David taking Lachlan under their wing and plans to invite them for dinner. Rhona is shocked to discover Pearl's letter wasn't a mistake and she's been accidentally underpaying her heating bill. Emma gets dressed up and heads off to see James. The Dingles force a terrified Samson into telling them where Belle is. Debbie forces Andy to see the kids, thinking she's helping him. David panics when he realises he's forgotten to buy Alicia a Valentine's Day present. Emma is devastated when James asks her for a divorce. David asks Lachlan to finish his payment for Alicia's Valentine's gift when he notices her returning home. Lachlan gives the company a fake address. Belle makes her way up into the rafters of Wylie's Farm and plans to jump.


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