A downbeat Emma breaks the news to Finn and Ross that James has asked for a divorce. She's cheered up when they advise her to apply for a vacancy at the GP Surgery. Alicia looks forward to the dinner at Home Farm later. Emma seethes when she sees James and Adam chatting in the café. Lisa frets about how Belle is going on. Val complains to Emma about Adam and Aaron's scrap business behind her and Eric's barn conversion. Aaron struggles with his guilt when he hears Belle is blaming herself for Katie's death. Emma is given an idea as she strikes up a friendship with Val. Pearl's tempted when she spots Sandy gambling on a horse. Adam's narked when Aaron fails to show up at the scrapyard again and has to juggle scrapping a customer's car and visiting the bank. Aaron visits Belle and reassures her that she wasn't responsible for Katie's death. Emma spots an opportunity when the customer leaves their new car behind and switches the 'Scrap' sign to the wrong vehicle. Doug tempts Laurel into giving up her alcohol-free month. Adam is horrified when he arrives back at the scrapyard to find Aaron scrapping the wrong car. Zak and Lisa worry when they hear Belle is being sent home. Alicia and David join Chrissie and Robert for dinner. Chrissie tells them that she wants to expand their shop business. Alicia's delighted. Marlon's disappointed when he arrives back home early and discovers Laurel drinking with Doug. Belle tells Lisa and Zak that she's decided to stay in the centre voluntarily. Emma's ecstatic as she witnesses a row between Adam and Aaron in the pub which also leads to Chas and James falling out as they each defend their sons.


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