Diane tries to get Andy to make arrangements for Katie's funeral but he insists on returning to work. Paddy convinces Adam to give Aaron another chance. Emma prepares for an interview at the GP surgery. Ali berates Laurel for clocking in late at the factory again. Moira suspects Val of switching the scrap signs at the scrapyard. David's suspicious when his Valentine present for Alicia doesn't arrive but she receives a card and a CD from somebody else. He covers pretending it was from him. Moira confronts Val over her suspicions. Val denies any involvement but reveals that she had been up to the yard with Emma. Emma returns from her job interviewing, believing it to have gone well. Robert and Diane convince Andy to help Ashley with the funeral but he can't face talking about it any longer when Ashley requests him to be a pallbearer. Moira suspects Emma of trying to scupper the scrap business and informs Chas and James of Emma's threat a few weeks back. David is suspicious of Robert's motives for wanting to go into business with him and Alica and believes he was responsible for sending the Valentine to her. Robert calls things off with Aaron telling him that Chas has warned him off. Laurel is annoyed when Ali tells her that Jai wants her to do the late shift tomorrow night. Paddy is pleased when he walks in the pub to discover Marlon buying him and Laurel champagne for Valentine's Day. Adam apologises to Aaron and the pair agree to start over. Moira barges into Dale View and tells Emma she knows she switched the signs at the scrapyard. She reminds Emma that things are only just starting to get on track for her in the village and warns her to watch her back.


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