Robert tells Chrissie and Lawrence that Andy needs to stay with them for a while so they can keep an eye on him. Bernice encourages Jimmy to treat Nicola. He books them into the B&B for dinner. Robert tells Diane and Chas that Andy tried to commit suicide last night and he and Aaron stopped him. Diane's horrified. Nicola breaks the news about Andy to Bernice and dissuades her from going to see him. Chas passes the news on to Debbie who is sickened that Andy could even think about abandoning his kids and plans to confront him. Laurel tells Marlon that she's heard back from Hotten College and she's been unsuccessful with the job. Gabby asks Harriet to come in to school to talk about her job as a policewoman, claiming Ashley and Bernice's jobs are too boring. Laurel asks Doug to begin paying rent now she has lost her job. He agrees and plans to find more money saving ways around the house. Diane and Victoria go to see Andy. Nicola's ecstatic when she thinks a young man at the B&B is interested in her. Debbie gets tough on Andy in order to make him realise that he can't let his kids down. Her words seem to make an impact. Nicola's disappointed to learn that the man wasn't flirting with her and thought she was the spitting image of his mum and wondered if she was related to him. Robert makes Diane realise that they need to keep a close eye on Andy to make sure he never attempts suicide again.


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  • TV Times synopsis: As the shocked residents try to come to terms with recent events, Chas isn't sure whether to believe Aaron when he claims he and Robert are over.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 5,850,000 viewers (23rd place).
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