Jacob isn't impressed when Lachlan signs the photo book for Alicia from him and Jacob. Megan is annoyed with Jai when she finds out he's been buying things for him behind her back. Nicola makes her escape when James finds her in the barn and discovers she's been in there all night. Rodney is shocked when he returns home to find the police are looking for Nicola and everyone is suspecting her of kidnap. Nicola returns to the village and is arrested. Andy confides in Diane about about how he's feeling. Jacob rips up Lachlan's photo book when he realises there aren't any pictures of him and David in it. Nicola is released by the police and is horrified people could think so low of her. She's appalled when she realises Jimmy was responsible for worrying people in the first place. Chrissie berates Lachalan when she finds out he's been hanging around at the shop all day when he should have been at school. He makes a mental note as Alicia compliments Chrissie's bag. Debbie's relieved when Diane informs her that Andy appears to be having a breakthrough. Lachlan secretly purchases the bag Alicia complimented Chrissie online. Nicola tears into Jimmy and questions whether she wants to be with him anymore.


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  • The child actor portraying Archie Breckle appears uncredited.
  • TV Times synopsis: With Nicola and Amba still missing, Jimmy admits to the police he doesn't know what his wife is capable of, while James arrives at the barn and is stunned to find her there. She then returns to the village, only to be promptly escorted away by the authorities; Lachlan feels hopeful that things might be looking up; and Jai is touched when Megan insists he make the most of his time with Archie.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 5,930,000 viewers (20th place).
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