Rachel tells Rodney and Brenda that she's been offered a job in Luton. Nicola corrects the gossips that she didn't steal Amba but she is going through the menopause. Chrissie finds a woman's scarf in Lachlan's bag. He covers saying he bought it as a present for a girl at school. Rodney tries to convince Jimmy to make a grand gesture to get back in Nicola's good books. Nicola catches Lachlan with a parcel and discovers he's ordered an identical handbag to the one that Chrissie owns. Rachel breaks the news to Ali and Sam that she's been offered a job in Luton. Alicia is ecstatic to find the handbag waiting for her in the shop but is confused to discover it hasn't come from David. Cain takes Noah to see Charity in prison. David discovers from Nicola that Lachlan was responsible for ordering the handbag for Alicia. Charity gets Cain on his own and assures him that she meant what she said about wanting to be with him when she gets out. He tries to avoid the conversation, reminding her he's with Moira. David confronts Lachlan about the handbag and warns him to stay away, having worked out he was responsible for the Valentine's gifts too. He tells Alicia where the gifts came from and warns her that Lachlan has a crush on her. Alicia feels sorry for him. Georgia insists on buying Nicola and Rodney a drink as a way of an apology for suspecting her of kidnap. Alicia returns the handbag to Lachlan and gets him to promise they'll be no awkwardness between the three of them. Jimmy publicly humiliates himself by dressing up as Maverick from Top Gun and singing 'You've Lost That Loving Feeling' to Nicola in The Woolpack. His gesture wins his way back into Nicola's affections. Chrissie worries to Robert that Lachlan might be up to his old tricks again, worrying about the scarf. He tries to convince her that she must trust him.


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Memorable Dialogue

Lawrence White: (on Jimmy King's gesture in The Woolpack) "He's not a strip-o-gram is he?"
Diane Sugden: "Who'd pay for that?"

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