The police arrive with more questions for Alicia. Nicola, Bernice and Angelica make a fuss of Jimmy for his 50th birthday but he worries that Nicola is putting on a front. Zak and Lisa nervously prepare to visit Belle, aware that it's a year since Gemma died. Chrissie becomes angry with Robert's lack of support when Andy defends Alicia. Rachel tells Sam that it's not working with Tracy living with him as she tries to wind Rachel up, but Sam is determined that she stays regardless. Eric is surprised by Val's lack of reaction to the ceiling issue at the B&B. Alicia is upset by the police questioning, voicing to David afterwards that they seem to think she was grooming Lachlan. Lawrence arrives and tries to bribe her and David into dropping the charges. They throw him out. Kerry gives Rachel food for thought over Tracy's living arrangements. Jimmy asks Lawrence to consider sending Nicola on a business trip to Dubai as he is unable to attend. Nicola's delighted to discover that Lawrence has agreed. Lisa and Zak are encouraged that Belle seems to be making progress, but their hopes of a speedy recovery are quickly put into perspective. Chrissie is incensed when she finds out Lawrence has tried to bribe Alicia into dropping the charges, believing he's giving her story credit. Lawrence reminds her that Lachlan's past could come back to haunt them and the family agree to stop acting like they have something to hide and venture out to the pub. Finn is concerned when he spots Val in pain at the B&B. Chrissie, Lawrence, David and Alicia become involved in an altercation as they spot the Whites heading into the pub with Lachlan. Alicia is devastated as Chrissie publicly accuses her of grooming Lachlan and calls her a pedophile.


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