Tom continues to reel at Pat for keeping Jackie's paternity secret, whilst Annie and Dolly are infuriated with how distant Jack is with the farm.


Henry is concerned about Tom Merrick's behaviour. He suspects there is something going on between him, Jack and Pat but can't understand what. Pat becomes very upset when Jack tells her he has told Joe about Jackie's paternity. She doesn't want the world to know and regrets saying anything in the first place. Dolly is angry that Jack has gone missing from the farm and left Matt to do all the work. Annie is worried that there is something serious going on. Tom seeks out Pat at the vicarage. He's bitter that she lied to him all these years about Jackie. He warns her that Jackie will never accept her relationship with Jack now and tells her that she has to break it off, for her son's sake. Jack talks to Joe about Jackie wanting to quit his job at Home Farm, and Joe says he'll do what he can to prevent it. He talks to Jackie and tells him he has to give his notice on paper and it will take a while to go through. All to give Jackie a chance to cool down. Seth also tries to reason with him. Henry is starting to put the clues together. Annie is furious with Jack when he finally comes home and refuses to explain where he's been. She tells him, in no uncertain terms, that he has to start doing his share of the work if he's to continue living on the farm.


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