Anticipating news to spread through the village, Alicia breaks the news of Lachlan assaulting her to Jacob. News spreads around the village of both Alicia and Lachlan's 'affair' and Alicia reporting Lachlan for assault with general opinion being that the assault is the most likely to be true. Pearl is troubled when she finds she hasn't enough money to cover a payment and takes cash from the petty cash tin and makes a note of it. Finn warns Val that she needs to take responsibility for her health and urges her to go to the doctor when her cough shows no sign of improvement. Alicia becomes determined not to hide away and heads to do a shift at the pub. Rachel asks Dan if Tracy can stay with him and Kerry in order to stop her interfering in her relationship with Sam. Leyla is livid when she overhears Georgia passing comment on Alicia's inappropriate clothing and retaliates by slapping her. Val becomes irritated when Finn and Emma try to convince her to go to a doctor. Rachel takes delight in telling Tracy that Kerry and Dan are happy to have her stay in their spare room. The police inform Alicia they'll be taking no further action against Lachlan due to insufficient evidence. Pearl covers when she finds Paddy counting the money in the petty cash tin and finds it's short. Alicia begins to wonder if she did lead Lachlan on. Val admits to Finn that she's made an appointment at the doctors for tomorrow. Alicia sets about removing her makeup and accessories and begins covering her skin up with extra layers.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Alicia steels herself to tell Jacob about the incident and receives another visit from the police; Pearl worries about money; and Finn's concern for Val continues to grow.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 5,940,000 viewers (16th place).
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