Alicia shoves all of her provocative clothing into a bag telling Leyla she's having a clearout. Chrissie is incensed when DC Bright informs her they're dropping the case against Alicia and Lachlan just wants to move on. Marlon tries to rally Laurel over job hunting. Val is breathless but covers her coughing fit when Eric arrives. She worries about her doctors' appointment and snaps about Alicia, leaving Eric annoyed and in need of space from her. Pearl cancels her direct debit for her gas bill, unable to resist her urge to gamble. Lisa calls to see Alicia and offers her support. Val looks after the B&B in Eric's absence but is unable to stop coughing. She panics as she struggles to breathe before collapsing on the floor. Emma and Finn find her on the floor, unsure whether she is still breathing. Finn calls an ambulance. Laurel tries to cover when Doug finds a bottle of vodka stashed under the sink. He insists on them going for a chat over lunch. Eric is frantic as he goes with Val to the hospital. Leyla finds that Alicia is clearing out all of her best stuff and she and David realise Georgia and Chrissie's comments are to blame. They confront her over it and she admits she feels she is at fault for what Lachlan did to her. Laurel tries to convince Doug that she's not hiding alcohol by covering that she feels guilty spending money on drink and would prefer him not to say anything to Marlon. David and Leyla are shocked as Alicia begins to believe that she led Lachlan on. Laurel secretly turns to her vodka when she arrives back home. Leyla and David convince Alicia that she did nothing wrong. Eric and Diane are informed Val has pneumonia and the next twenty four hours are critical.


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