In the hospital, a worried Eric and Finn sit and wait for news about Val, who still remains unconscious. Kerry is frustrated to have Tracy living at Dale Head and storms out after they argue. Chrissie finds herself condemned by the village as she defends Lachlan and becomes involved in a harsh exchange of words with Lisa, Kerry and Pete. Marlon struggles with his and Laurel's money issues and feels guilty that it is impacting on April. Alicia shuts herself away, worried about what people will be saying about her. Eric tries to reassure Val that everything will be alright as she sleeps, but is alarmed when her breathing suddenly worsens. As machines start to sound and medics dash in, Eric and Finn are ushered out. Kerry tells Sam that she can't live with Tracy for much longer and wants her gone. David gets Marlon to cover the meals at the B&B, providing him with a little extra money but less time at home. Eric, Finn and Emma are informed Val has had a respiratory arrest as Val's son, Paul, arrives to visit her. Chrissie decides to take Lachlan away from the village for a while and is left annoyed when Robert opts to stay behind and look after Andy. Debbie tries to convince Andy to see his kids but he is reluctant. David is irked when Jacob bunks off school in order to check on Alicia. His mood quickly turns to anger when he overhears Chrissie is planning to take Lachlan away and he takes his frustration out on a box in the shop. Alicia overhears Jacob worrying about her. Eric, Diane and Paul are told Val's pneumonia isn't responding to treatment and warns them that she might not pull through.


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Memorable dialogue

Kerry Wyatt: (to Chrissie Sugden) "You alright? Your son been doin' any rapes today?"
Chrissie Sugden: "My son has been naive at worst! He doesn't deserve to be shunned or treated like some sort of -"
Kerry Wyatt: "Massive pervert?"
Kerry Wyatt: "Tracy. It's like living with... ugh, I dunno... just, something that spends all its time in the bathroom."
Sam Dingle: "Fish?"
Kerry Wyatt: "She needs to go! Forty-five minutes she spent in there yesterday. I had to wee in the sink! Dan went mad, we had a massive row and yes, in hindsight, I should have took the dishes out first."

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