Andy sleeps on the sofa besides his wedding album. Laurel continues to feel useless as she keeps thinking about her hidden bottle of vodka. Leyla is concerned about Alicia when she hears what happened in the pub. Ashley feels sorry for Laurel as she continues job hunting. David is worried when Leyla passes on the news about what happened at the pub and tells him he needs to keep a closer eye on Alicia. Debbie and Victoria confront him over his behaviour but Victoria accidentally spills beer over the album and Andy throws them out. Bernice tells Ashley about her make-up party business and he suggests that Laurel could help out hosting the events. Kerry kicks Tracy out as she finds her and Dan sharing a Pot Noodle together. Victoria is concerned to hear Andy ordering whisky in the pub. Bernice sees the state Andy is in and invites him back to hers. Finn and Darren continue to flirt at the hospital. Pearl gets in deeper with her gambling. Andy tries to kiss Bernice but she pushes him away. Drunk, Andy persists resulting in Bernice slapping him. He leaves embarrassed, while Bernice is left feeling shaken. Alicia covers to David when asks her about the bloke in the pub, explaining it was nothing. Soon Alicia is flirty with him and he is concerned, though eventually reciprocates. Andy is undeterred and sets his sights on Tracy as he notices her being thrown out of Dale Head. Alicia is unable to continue as David suggests they go upstairs. Laurel takes pride in showing off her sales pitch to Marlon but is upset when he falls asleep. Andy invites Tracy back to Home Farm and they kiss.


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