Laurel pours herself a large glass of vodka to set herself up for a busy day ahead with her interview. Paul arrives and goes through some coaching with her. Lawrence is disgusted to discover that Tracy has stayed with Andy and tells Robert to have a word with him, leaving Robert feeling awkward. David struggles to know how to act around Alicia. Georgia worries about where she's going to live after she accepts an offer on her current house. Paul goes to say his goodbyes to Val before leaving again. April drinks from Laurel's glass of vodka and orange, wandering out with it while Laurel is too distracted to notice. Andy tells Robert that he's moving out after Lawrence has a go at him and Tracy. Priya shocks Rishi when she suggests her mum moves into Holdgate Farm. April becomes increasingly unwell and Laurel is panicked when she realises what has happened. She explains to Bernice that they have to take April to the hospital. Leyla and Vanessa are lost for words when they discover that Andy has changed their locks and moved Tracy in with him. Paddy offers to loan Marlon money to help him through his financial issues. The doctor tends to April who informs Laurel and Bernice that April will be fine and gives her a sticker. Laurel asks Bernice to keep the incident to herself and later takes April's sticker away from her telling her to stay quiet about what happened too. News spreads around the village of Andy and Tracy. Alicia concedes that she might benefit from help from the crisis centre. April is confused as Laurel lies to Marlon that Bernice couldn't make the interview. She confides in Doug that Bernice did come and that she took her to hospital as she'd drank Laurel's "bad juice" but adds that Marlon mustn't know. Worried for Andy, Bernice tries to talk to Tracy who admits she knows Andy's on the rebound and she's only there for a place to stay. Doug realises Laurel has an alcohol problem and confronts her. She denies it and threatens to kick him out.


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