The Sugden's land rover is slashed, but nobody knows who it was. Meanwhile, Jackie resorts to alcohol to help escape his problems.


Henry tries to repair the Sugden's land rover tyre, which has been slashed outside The Woolpack by an unknown culprit. Pat and Jackie argue over Jackie disappearing without informing Pat. Pat goes off to meet Jack, and Jackie storms off when Sandie puts her foot in it. Jack advises Pat not to go after him. Jackie attempts to buy a pint in The Woolpack, but Amos refuses to serve him. Amos expresses his concerns to Seth about how Jackie is beginning to turn out like Tom. Tom calls round to the caravan, and expresses his concerns to Sandie about Jackie preferring Jack over him. Henry talks to Annie about his suspicions about Jackie's paternity. Joe drops Lisa back at home after their date and the pair get flirtatious in the land rover. However, they are interrupted when Joe finds a drunk Jackie being sick on the side of the road and drops him back home.


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