Jimmy is miffed about being a house husband in Dubai. A desperate Pearl tries selling her jewellery to Eric but he isn't interested. Lawrence and Lachlan are unimpressed when Chrissie admits that she didn't mention the kidnapping to the solicitor and insists she's doing the right thing. Lachlan is told that he'll be charged at Youth Court and could be put on the sex offenders register. Paddy is shocked when a concerned Edna tells him she believes Pearl has gotten into debt with gambling. Vanessa learns that Pearl never attended the memory clinic, despite Paddy taking her and sitting outside in the car. They realise Pearl may have been committing fraud when Vanessa finds Pearl's stashed 'IOU' book. Doug confides in Diane over what is going on with Laurel, admitting her drink problem. He also explains why he can't tell Marlon. Chrissie apologises to Alicia for Lachlan's behaviour, explaining that she has made a statement admitting her version of events. She also assures Alicia that the kidnapping incident is in the past. Rhona thinks Pearl deserves a chance to explain herself but Paddy wants to call the police. She tries to make Paddy realise that if Pearl does have a gambling problem then she's suffering from an addiction just like she did. Doug and Diane notice Laurel refuse wine at Jimmy and Nicola's leaving drinks, but Doug remains uneasy despite this. Laurel steals a bottle of vodka when nobody is looking. Paddy, Rhona and Vanessa confront Pearl over her stealing. Chrissie's relieved when Robert returns home and supports her actions. A livid Paddy shames Pearl and fires her.


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