Amos is determined to catch whoever slashed the land rover's tyres. Later, Amos and Henry break up a fight between Jack and Tom. Also, Pat believes that leaving Jack will save her relationship with Jackie.


Jack asks Matt what happened with Jackie at The Woolpack the night before. Matt is unable to tell him much. Joe informs Jack that Jackie is staying at his house. Joe tells Jack that if Jackie keeps up his behaviour, Joe will have to fire him. Amos tells Seth that he wants to catch whoever slashed the tyres on the Sugdens' land rover. Seth thinks it might have been Tom. Joe and Pat discuss how they can help Jackie. Pat realises there is only one way - leaving Jack. Seth tells Jack that he and Amos think Tom slashed the tyres on the rover. Jack doesn't think their evidence incriminates him much, but Seth points out how much Tom hates the Sugdens - especially now Jackie's true paternity is in the spotlight. Sam bursts into 3 Demdyke Row looking for Joe. He is confused when Jackie refers to him as "granddad". Amos catches Jack and Tom fighting and he and Henry have to break them up.


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