Priya is frustrated to learn that Georgia has taken down her online dating profile, but she is left thoughtful after a confrontation with Rishi. Victoria tries to remain upbeat after talks with Moira about Adam moving into hers. Finn wallows in his misery over being dumped by Darren. Marlon comes downstairs as Laurel tries to hide her wine bottles. Chas tries to persuade Aaron to have money from her to pay Robert off. Victoria grabs Darren's number from Finn's phone and gives him a call when Finn leaves the room. She tells Chas that she's going to remain quiet about calling off the wedding for now and push for a long engagement. Emma and Val are displeased when Darren arrives back in the village. Victoria puts Adam off wanting to move in with her explaining Andy doesn't need them flaunting their relationship in his face so soon after Katie's death and explains how Betty will be back soon. Darren asks Finn out again. Val seizes an opportunity as Finn leaves to change his shirt and sprays graffiti over Darren's car after smashing the window. When Darren returns to his car to take Finn out, they're both appalled to see what's happened but Darren suspects Finn of playing games again when he finds his phone at the scene and storms off. Laurel takes Daisy for a walk and uses it as an opportunity to dispose of the bottles. Priya tells Jai she plans to reunite Georgia and Rishi but he isn't keen. Val struggles to take her medication again and confides in Diane that she can't seem to get her head straight. Aaron calls round at Home Farm to spend time with Robert. Val offers fake sympathy to Finn as he vents to her about Darren but she's unnerved as Finn vows to find out who did it.


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