Sam is shocked when Jackie reveals Jack as his biological father, whilst Donald is shocked when Tom reveals the same. Meanwhile, Annie gives Jack a heated talking to. Also, Joe introduces his girlfriend Lisa.


Sam confronts Jackie over calling him "granddad". Jackie is riled up by Sam, whilst Sam struggles to process what he's just been told. Sam advises Jackie to grow up, and leaves him with food for thought. Amos cleans up Jack. He tries to find out as much information as be can between the Tom Merrick and Sugden family feud but Jack doesn't give much away. Joe introduces Amos and Seth to Lisa. Amos tells Lisa that he knew her dad, and her when she was younger. Donald and Tom get into an argument which leads to Tom revealing that Jack is Jackie's biological father. Jackie gives Joe his notice. Joe tries to make him see sense, but to no avail. Jackie and Seth argue, and Seth takes off when Jackie offends him. Jackie catches up and confides in Seth that he recently discovered Jack is his father. Sam confronts Jack, and Jack confirms that he is Jackie's dad. Sam snaps at Jack and tells him that he needs to tell Annie or else he will. Jack tells Annie all. Annie is infuriated that he lied to her, and tells him that he needs to put things right with Jackie and Tom if he ever wants her to respect him again.


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Seth Armstrong: "What were the fight about then?"
Amos Brearly: "Ahhh..."
Seth Armstrong: ""Ah"? What's an "ah"?"
Amos Brearly: "I never said "Ah", I said "Ahhh". That'd be telling."
Seth Armstrong: "Ah."

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