Knowing Chas's time could almost be up, Robert is panicked as he still can't get in touch with his contact to call him off. Alicia tries to put on a brave face but can't keep it up when Leyla comforts her and tells David and Leyla what Lachlan said to her outside court. David struggles to contain his anger. James, Pete and Emma offer to run in the charity challenge in Aaron's place, but Emma is unimpressed with James and Chas' cosiness leading to Debbie becoming suspicious of her. Alicia tries to get peace of mind following Lachlan's outburst and calls Victim Care who tell her that Lachlan's case has been put down to him being exposed to images online that had an impact on his expectations. Priya tries to warn Rishi that Georgia isn't interested but he refuses to listen. David and Alicia tell Jacob about Lachlan's verdict. Alicia loses it when Jacob receives an overly suggestive and sexy email and confiscates his laptop. Rachel overhears Samson talking about Noah going to see Charity and also overhears Sam asking him to keep it quiet from her. The hitman stakes out Chas as James informs her he's also recruited Adam and Andy to help out with the marathon. Rachel angrily confronts Sam, Belle and Samson over their lies over taking Noah to see Charity. Rishi confesses to Georgia that he's still in love with her. Robert goes to see Aaron who confesses to him that he's confided in Paddy about his guilt over Katie's death and his and Chas's support will make him better. Georgia lets Rishi down gently but still leaves him disappointed. Sam tells Rachel that having her back is the best thing in the world and it doesn't matter what the rest of the family too. She suggests to Sam that they move out but he isn't keen. David worries about Alicia's state of mind when she considers taking Jacob out of school and homeschooling him or moving abroad. When Chas hears a car alarm going off, she heads outside to see what has caused it, unknowingly into the trap set. Robert arrives as the hit man is about to strike and whispers to him that the job is off, persuading him to take his money and leave.


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