Jacob hears David and Alicia rowing. Rachel feels ousted at the Dingles' and Sam worries about her attitude. Carly's inspired when Bob mentions the half marathon going ahead today. Alicia suggests to Jacob that they should move away for a fresh start but Jacob is angry that she wants to run away from Lachlan. Chas, James, Emma, Adam, Andy and Pete leave for the fun run. Finding a half written letter to Charity stating how much they all miss her, Rachel comes up with a plan to manipulate Sam into leaving. She takes Belle's pills out of the cupboard, washes one down the sink and leaves the packet on the sofa. David is unimpressed to see Lawrence and Chrissie and reveals exactly what Lachlan said in court, warning them to keep him away. Angry at Lachlan and what his actions have caused, Jacob heads up to Home Farm and trashes the place. Georgia is unimpressed as Rishi wallows following her rejection. Rachel calls Sam lying that Archie has taken one of Belle's pills and she's taking him to A&E. Debbie is suspicious at the fun run when she sees James having to carry Emma as she is injured. David and Alicia are confused when Jacob returns and tells them he thinks moving away is a good idea. Rachel tries to manipulate Sam into moving out of the Dingles again. Carly lashes out at Brenda when she makes fun of her attempts to make money backfiring at the fun run. She warns Brenda not to force Bob into making a choice between them as she'll lose but is left humiliated when Bob tells her that he wants her to repay her debt by working in the café. Debbie notices Emma failing to limp when on her own in the toilets and warns her against making a play for James. Rachel causes a scene at the Dingles leading to Belle accusing her of lying. When Sam fails to defend her, she walks out telling him she's not stepping foot in the house again. Andy reveals that the fun run raised £2,700 but Chas is disheartened to learn that £2000 of that came from Robert. Debbie warn Chas that Emma is after James but Chas insists she trusts him. Jacob confesses to David that he trashed Home Farm. Chrissie, Lawrence and Robert return home to discover the place has been trashed. They call the police believing David to be responsible.


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Memorable dialogue

Emma Barton: "I know you're more grease monkey than wordsmith so just say what you mean."
Debbie Dingle: "Okay. You're Pete's mum, that's the only reason I haven't dragged you outside by your ears but if I see you making a play for Chas's bloke-"
Emma Barton: "Er, hang on. It's nothing Chas wouldn't do... which you know from bitter experience."
Debbie Dingle: "You think you know it all, don't you? Well know this - you don't want me as an enemy."
Emma Barton: "Well you're not my friend, that would infer that you were likable in some way."

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