After discovering the truth about James and Emma, a hurt and furious Chas insists James leaves. Ali suggests to Jai that she and Rachel could do a job share so that she can see Sean when necessary, but is thrown to discover that Rachel is on a better financial deal. Finn, Pete and Ross confront Emma over whether she actually wanted James back or was just causing trouble. Ali confronts Rachel over exploiting Sean's accident for extra money. Lachlan is impressed when Donny defends him to Paddy and suggests they both go to The Woolpack for a pint, despite Alicia potentially working a shift. Aaron's angry when he waits for Robert but he fails to turn up. Cain steps in as Donny pushes Diane to serve Lachlan alcohol. Lachlan's impressed as Donny stands up to Cain. Aaron seethes when he sees Robert going into the B&B with Chrissie. Lisa worries about Belle going to Leeds and asks Jai if he could give Belle work in replacement of Ali, but he tells her he can't. Ali and Rachel continue their argument at home as Ali tells Rachel she must start paying rent. James collects his things from the pub and becomes involved in an argument with Aaron. As Robert walks in the pub with Chrissie, their argument becomes personal and Aaron struggles with his anger before grabbing a bottle and smashing James over the head with it. Lachlan proudly tells Lawrence about his day with Donny but Donny's cool composure clouds when he receives a mysterious text. James arrives back at Dale View covered in blood. Emma tries to tend to him but he walks out telling her that she's poisonous and to stay away from him.


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