Annie tries to right the wrongs and begs Tom to help Jackie accept his new family. Meanwhile, Dolly is shocked when Sam goes to Ireland, and is insistent that he won't be returning.


Annie visits Donald and talks to him about the revelation of Jackie's paternity. Joe calls Donald, wanting to discuss his concerns about Jackie. He instead decides to go round to the Vicarage to see them both. Matt gives Dolly the idea of converting the barn into a house. Tom and Amos get into an argument about Tom and Jack's fight. Annie arrives and takes Tom into the backroom. Tom tells Annie how much he's struggled with life following the revelation. Annie begs Tom to help her get Jackie to accept that he is a Sugden. Tom relents and agrees to help her. Tom finds Jackie at Emmerdale Farm. He tells Jackie that he only holds a grudge against Jack, not any of the other Sugdens. Tom tells Jackie that Jackie shouldn't life a life Tom wants him to have, that he should make his own choices. Jackie subsequently withdraws his notice to NY Estates. Annie is sour towards Jack. She tells Jack that Tom has influenced Jackie to not hold a grudge against the whole Sugden family. Dolly informs Annie that Sam has decided to go to Ireland, and that he might not come back.


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