Finn begins to claustrophobic with Darren being constantly around. Donny and Chrissie argue over what is best for Lachlan. Donny insists that Lachlan needs a fresh start and tells Lawrence that Lachlan will always be known as 'the pervy kid' if he stays. Vanessa becomes irritated by Carly's stuff being messily discarded around the house. Finn tries to get rid of Darren when he turns up at the B&B. Val is puzzled by Finn's attitude. Lawrence takes Donny's words in and talks over his dilemma with Edna, who offers him food for thought. Val warns Debbie that, according to Emma, her and James' affair has been going on longer than one night. Lawrence makes a decision to back Donny's idea and offers him financial support to help with Lachlan's move. Donny cannot believe his luck. Aaron tells Robert that he overheard Donny on the phone to someone who he owes money to. Chrissie's upset as Lachlan still insists on moving and realises she might have to let him go. Leyla warns Carly to make more of an effort with Vanessa. Robert makes some calls about Donny and tells Chrissie that Donny's broke and living in a bedsit. He makes her see that he doesn't care about Lachlan, only the money. Vanessa's grateful when Carly sorts her out with an outfit for a party she's been invited to by Kirin at last minute and invites her along to the party. Debbie confronts Emma in the pub. The pair become involved in an argument which ends with Debbie publicly letting slip that Emma tried to smother Ross as a baby. Chrissie confronts Donny over his attempts to extort money from them and threatens to tell Lawrence and Lachlan. He manipulates her by saying he'll deny it and twist her words to make Lachlan believe she'd do anything for him to stay in the village.


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