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Emma explains to Val the reasons behind what she did to Ross when he was a child and is relieved when Val tells her that she doesn't hate her. Chrissie is distracted by Donny's threats as she tries to celebrate Robert's birthday. Pete is still furious that Debbie blew the family secret so publicly. Finn sneaks out in the morning trying to avoid Darren. Ross is angry when he finds out Debbie has blabbed his secret. Leyla tells David they need to get Alicia back to her old self. Chrissie starts concocting a plan to get rid of Donny. Val overhears a conversation between Darren and David and, not realising they were joking, panics as she thinks Darren is planning to propose. Debbie tries to apologise to Ross. When Donny tells Chrissie that he and Lachlan are leaving on Friday, her anger boils over. Suddenly Donny's phone rings and he goes pale, realising it's Charlie. Donny scuttles out to take the call as Chrissie follows him, listening in. Finishing the call, Donny ups the ante by demanding money and making threats, but Chrissie holds tight and refuses his demands. Val sets about helping Finn to dump Darren. Ross tells Pete to go easy on Debbie saying that at least now all of their secrets are out. Val sets Finn up for Darren to dump him by making him appear like a slob when he returns home from work. Fuelled by anger, Chrissie is now more determined than ever to stop Donny in his tracks and calls Ross over to ask whether he wants to earn ten grand. Worried that his plan isn't working, Finn gets rid of Darren by pretending he's about to be sick. Chrissie tells Ross about Donny's meeting with Charlie using Lawrence's money. She tells him to retrieve it before he can pay him. Ross barters an extra five grand out of her but agrees to do it.


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