Chrissie tells Donny that she has left the ten grand up in his room, but Robert is curious and wonders what she is planning. Pete and Debbie make up. Chrissie and Ross go over their plan. Ross informs her that he will have an accomplice. Val and Finn come up with a new plan to scare Darren off. Alicia squares it with Chrissie for Jacob to wash all the Home Farm estate cars as punishment for trashing the place. Ross tricks Debbie into helping him with the job. Finn tries to convince Darren he's an obsessive sheep farmer. Ross and Debbie arrive at the hotel, where Ross confesses to Debbie what is really happening. She refuses to help and is angry that he has brought her there. Finn's plan backfires when Darren has an allergic reaction to the sheep and comes out in hives. Ross heads to do the job alone and is about to intercept the money exchange when Donny smells a rat and wants to make sure Ross works for Charlie and tries to call him. Back outside the hotel, Debbie is walking away but when she sees Charlie and his armed accomplice arrive, she realises the scale of danger and turns back to help. Alicia's relieved when she finds out Lachlan is moving to Scotland with his dad. Chrissie tells Robert about her plan, emphatic that it needs to work. Ross is relieved when he sees Charlie pull up outside and notices Debbie providing a distraction. Darren dumps Finn saying he finds him annoying and he's getting back with his ex. Ross persuades Donny to hand over the money just as Charlie and his accomplice walk into the hotel. He and Debbie try to make a quick getaway but Debbie soon realises she dropped the keys to the van while causing a distraction. They find themselves being chased through the hotel by Charlie, Donny and his accomplice and hide in one of the hotel rooms.


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