Vanessa is uneasy when she gets called up to Butler's Farm. Robert attempts to speak to Chrissie and defend his actions but she's adamant she wants nothing to do with him. Adam is relieved when Vanessa tells him there is no need for awkwardness between them. Ross wallows in his self-pity and tells Emma that he thinks Debbie and Pete are a mismatch. Bernice despairs to Jimmy at how messy the house is in Nicola's absence. Vanessa powers through when she feels queasy at work. She quickly rushes off however as Rhona arriving to neuter a cat gives her a nasty thought. Robert demands his five grand back from Ross but he laughs in his face. Aaron's intrigued when he finds out Ross has told Chrissie about the burglary being a set up. Vanessa panics when she takes several pregnancy tests that all tell her she's pregnant. Emma tells Debbie to concentrate on making Pete happy. Chrissie is furious when she returns home from picking Lachlan up to discover Robert in the house. She tells him to pack a bag, get out the house and get out of her life. Emma's suspicious of Ross's bitterness towards Debbie and Pete's engagement. Bernice warns Jimmy to get the house cleaned up or she will send Nicola a video of evidence. Tracy sticks up for Jimmy and offers to give him a hand with the cleaning. Aaron's hopeful when he discovers Diane is letting Robert stay at The Woolpack. Robert flips when Aaron makes reference to telling Chrissie about their affair and warns him it will be the last thing he ever does if so.


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