Adam is pleased by Aaron's change in attitude when he promises to finally focus on the scrapyard now. Bernice refuses to let Tracy clean the house, despite Jimmy's efforts and suggests he hire Laurel as his PA. Vanessa starts having second thoughts about having a termination when she sees Marlon and Leo together and realises this could be her only chance to be a mum. She tells Rhona that she plans to tell Kirin and Adam. Laurel resists temptation as Jimmy interviews her in the pub. Wanting to appear honest, she tells Jimmy she's avoiding alcohol as she's been relying on it. Aaron rejects a disbelieving Robert's advances, insisting they're over. Tracy breaks into Mill Cottage and cleans it, but is left disappointed when Jimmy breaks the news that the job has already gone. Vanessa attempts to talk to Kirin but is unable to risk losing him and bottles it. Chas looks on with contempt as Lachlan arrives at the pub to go bowling with Robert. Vanessa tells Adam that she is pregnant and that the baby might be his. She forces him to make a decision on the spot whether he wants to buy a part of the baby's life or not, informing him that if he does he'll be responsible for their secret coming out.


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