Arthur tries to wake a choking Laurel, but to no avail. As he rushes out to get Ashley, a panicked but responsible April rings for an ambulance. Kirin is shocked when Vanessa tells him that she is pregnant. Ali and Dan inform Ruby and Kerry that Sean is still in a lot of pain and will require more surgery and physiotherapy but the doctors aren't sure it will help. Ali lays the blame with Dan saying he wouldn't have been in the car accident if he hadn't agreed to him joining the army. Tracy sinks to low methods to convince Jimmy to let her move in and bribes Angel with chocolate in order to say that she likes having her around. Kirin insists that he will be there for Vanessa. Doug and Marlon rush to Tall Trees Cottage to find paramedics treating Laurel. Bob notices the empty wine bottles as he arrives to look after April who is convinced that Laurel is dead. Marlon is informed that if April hadn't rang for an ambulance, Laurel would be dead. He's devastated when he discovers Social Services will be informed of the incident. Jimmy warns Bernice that Tracy is going to be moving in as a live-in housekeeper. Marlon and Doug are heartbroken as Laurel stirs and talks gibberish, completely unaware of her situation. Val is shocked by the news that Tracy is moving in to Mill Cottage and Tracy parts on bad terms. Eric is thrown to see how upset Val really is. Marlon tells Paddy and Rhona that he can't stand by Laurel anymore.


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