Laurel wakes and is horrified to discover she is in hospital. Kerry and Ruby grow concerned for Dan as he blames himself for Sean's injuries. April tells Marlon about the time Bernice took her to hospital after drinking Laurel's 'nasty juice'. Vanessa wonders how much longer she can keep her pregnancy a secret as Kirin excitedly fusses over her, rousing Rakesh's suspicions. Laurel's quietly concerned when Marlon refuses to answer his phone as the nurses attempt to contact him. Ashley arrives to see her. Marlon confronts Bernice over keeping quiet over taking April to hospital. Belle is chuffed as she seizes an opportunity to help Priya with some computer issues at the factory. Marlon takes his anger out on Doug when he discovers he knew about April's hospital visit too. Doug tells him to think about the reason why Laurel might have begun relying on drink so much recently, reminding him of how she attempted to keep the family together while he was grieving for another woman. Doug goes to pick Laurel up from hospital and warns her that Marlon knows about her trip to A&E with April. Ruby is shocked when Ali tells her they need to move closer to Sean. Marlon tells Bob that Laurel's been hiding a drink problem for months. Belle realises she is not on the payroll as she inputs figures and an awkward Priya suggests she talk to Lisa. Marlon confronts Laurel about manipulating April into not telling him over the hospital visit. He tells her she's annihilated any trust he had left for her. Belle lets Lisa know she is insulted by her actions. Kerry and Ali nearly come to blows as Ali and Ruby inform Dan that they're moving to be closer to Sean and want him to come too. Laurel promises Marlon that she'll get help and begs him not to give up on her. He tells her that it's her last chance.


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