Doug is horrified when he sees Marlon's bruised face. Marlon tries to remain positive, explaining that Laurel has finally agreed to see a doctor. Bernice is disgruntled that Jimmy can't see past Tracy, but he is enjoying her fussing over him. Laurel is shocked when Dr Cavanagh refers her to a detox centre. Dan is worried when Ali and Ruby arrive looking for Amelia, who has gone missing. Harriet finds her in the church. Amelia begs Dan to come to Liverpool with them. Rhona and Paddy are shocked to learn that Laurel hit Marlon. They worry further when they realise that Laurel hasn't yet admitted to being an alcoholic. Marlon's disappointed that they've sent Leo to nursery on the day that he was supposed to have him. Ruby and Ali have a farewell celebration in The Woolpack. Bob invites Carly over for something to eat while Brenda's out the café. Laurel goes round to Ashley's and steals a bottle of wine from him when he leaves the room. Vanessa's awkward around Adam as she tends to a sick cow on the farm. An angry Brenda interrupts Bob and Carly sharing a moment leading to Carly lashing out at her again. Laurel hides the bottle of wine as she arrives home to find Marlon waiting for her. Bernice becomes suspicious when her bracelet goes missing at home. Ali and Ruby leave for Liverpool. Rachel is upset as Ali couldn't even be bothered to say goodbye. Dan astounds Kerry by telling her that he's planning on joining them at a later date.


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