Aaron tells Robert what he can do with his money. Charlie has brought two heavies with him and demands his money back from Debbie and Ross. Ross wants to protect Debbie, so he gets in the car with Charlie alone. Cain witnesses it all. Rachel admits to Sam that she has been having nightmares. Cain demands to know what is going on as everyone begins to wonder where Debbie, Cain and Ross are. Robert prepares to leave alone but feels guilty when Lachlan says that he was the closest thing he had to a dad. As Alicia begins making arrangements for Portugal, Leyla tells David he needs to say something. Priya finds out from Val that they're planning to move and asks David where Amba fits into it all. David tells Alicia that they can't go. Pete goes to investigate where Debbie is and escorts her back to the party. A worried Chrissie tells Robert that Lachlan has gone missing and he blames himself for everything. David talks to Alicia and realises how much Alicia wants to move. Chrissie calls the police to report Lachlan missing. Rachel is delighted when Sam suggests moving in with her. David tells Priya that they have decided to move to Portugal but will make his relationship with Amba work. The police arrive at Home Farm asking for information on where Lachlan could likely be. Lawrence mentions that the last time he went missing David had kidnapped him. Alicia and David are stunned when PC Bishop arrives in connection with Lachlan's disappearance wanting to search their premises, but unknown to them, the troubled teen is in an empty barn with matches and petrol cans.


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