Dolly takes a fancy to the newborn calf, whilst Grace accepts her farming days are over. Jack is cold towards Joe, and Pat is cold towards Jack. Also, Amos and Henry hire Seth as an entertainer.


Dolly has taken a fancy to the newborn calf. Grace informs Joe that she is going to have to sell her farm as she can't keep up with the workload. Joe offers her a great deal for the farm, but when Joe informs Grace that they wouldn't be able to keep Daniel on, she becomes reluctant to sell to him. Amos reluctantly relents to Henry's idea to hire Seth as an entertainer. Dolly asks Matt what he thinks about trying for a baby again. However, Matt doesn't think it'll work out for them after Dolly's previous miscarriage. Jack is cold towards Joe for allowing Jackie to stay with him, instead of making him go back to the caravan. Jack is disappointed when Pat avoids him. Joe talks to Grace about buying the farm. Daniel doesn't believe NY Estates will take him on. Amos borrows Annie's piano. Matt and Jack make him think that the piano is very precious and expect something in return. They push Amos into allowing them to have free pints the whole night.


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  • Numerous children are uncredited despite lines of dialogue.
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