Sam is evasive when Lisa asks if he and Rachel have split. Rachel is scared to tell Jai about Archie's accident. Vanessa tells Kirin about Rakesh wanting her to have a termination. Rakesh is irked to be told they've decided to have the baby no matter what. Ruby returns to work at the café. Debbie tells Zak and Lisa that Charity doesn't want anyone to visit her but hasn't explained why. Zak and Lisa let slip to Jai about Archie's accident. He storms off and confronts her. Vanessa breaks the news to Leyla and Carly that she's pregnant. They congratulate her. Rachel panics when Jai hints of trying to take Archie off her and mentions court. Lisa is annoyed when Sam tells her he's staying at Marlon's. Rachel goes to see Jai and tries to be straight with him. Sam tells Marlon that Rachel's changed and he doesn't like like what she's turning into. Marlon tries to cheer him up but is unable to give him advice. Jai is convinced that Rachel is hiding something from him. She loses her temper and lashes out as Rishi tries to intervene accidentally knocking him to the floor in the process. Jai reports her to the police for assault. Adam confides in Moira about his night with Vanessa and she's horrified to learn he might be the father of her baby.


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