Adam admits to Aaron that Moira knows about the baby. Cain tries to console Noah after Charity has said that she doesn't want him visiting again. Rishi is annoyed at Jai's games when the police arrive regarding Rachel's 'assault'. Jai enjoys telling them about Rachel's violent temper. Rachel tracks down Sam and explains she plans to come clean about Belle's pills. Moira tells Cain what is going on and warns Adam that the truth will come out if the baby is his. Vanessa is taken aback when Moira threatens her subtly, urging her to come clean over the baby or she will. Worried, she orders a private DNA test. Alicia discovers that Paul wants them to move to Portugal next week but David worries about Leyla's reaction. Sam makes up with Rachel but asks her not to come clean about the pills. Their happiness is short-lived however when the police arrive and she's arrested for pushing PC Swirling while insisting he leave. Jai smugly watches on. Alicia breaks the news to Leyla of moving to Portugal next week leaving her devastated. Andy thinks Bernice is hitting on him when she suggests they meet for a drink, so she lies that she has a boyfriend and Andy agrees to see her later. Vanessa and Adam later sit apprehensively together as the nurse arrives. Jai lets himself into Tenant House and takes Archie from Sam. Kirin arrives back from college early and attempts to let himself into the locked house as the nurse clears up from the DNA test.


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  • Only one episode was broadcast on this date due to coverage of the penultimate live semi-final of Britain's Got Talent immediately following this episode.
  • The child portraying Archie Breckle appears uncredited.
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