Pat manages to put her foot in it with her other child, and Sandie decides to take off to see Jackie. Meanwhile, Dolly thinks Matt wants there to be a problem with her having children and snaps. Also, Grace leaves for Hotten.


Pat reassures Joe about his job interview for a permanent job at Home Farm. Amos steals Henry's notes to write an article. Dolly makes an appointment to see Dr Jacobs. Amos, Henry, Jack and Matt struggle to get the piano into The Woolpack. Amos hides the newspaper with his column in it. Sandie is missing Jackie and wants him to come home. Pat snaps and puts her foot in it with Sandie, who takes off to 3 Demdyke Row. Dolly leaves to see Dr Jacobs. Seth arrives to practice on the piano, and Amos isn't happy when he brings Jackie along. Grace goes to see Donald before moving to Hotten with Hannah. Dolly informs Matt that Dr Jacobs doesn't see any problems with her conceiving a child again, and that a specialist would most likely say the same. Matt tries to push Dolly to see the specialist but Dolly begins to think that Matt wants them to say it's too dangerous. She snaps and reminds him that she had a healthy son before losing her second baby, and runs off.


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