Matt and Dolly make up, whilst Grace's departure becomes common knowledge. Meanwhile, Sandra arrives with bad news for Amos, whilst Seth's performance in The Woolpack is a success.


Dolly apologises to Matt for her outburst the previous day, and decides to see a specialist. She manages to get an appointment for the next week. Henry, Seth and John talk about Seth's upcoming performance. Dolly informs a surprised Jack that Grace has moved to Hotten. Jack speaks sourly of Joe, painting him out as a tyrannical businessman. Jackie tells Seth that he wouldn't return to living with Pat even if Joe kicked him out of 3 Demdyke Row, and that his family is getting smaller by the minute. Jack tries to get back in Pat's good books, but she rejects his offer of going down to The Woolpack with him. The Woolpack is busy before Seth's performance, and Amos and Henry are rushed off their feet. Pat and Sandie give Jack the brush off. Joe pulls Sandie away to play darts, leaving Jack and Pat to talk. However, Pat refuses to talk with him and he takes the hint and leaves. John continues to try make Daniel see sense about working for NY Estates but to no avail. Amos is annoyed that Seth is keeping them waiting. Sandra arrives and informs Amos that his article was disappointing. Amos takes a page from Henry's journal which Sandra says she wanted in the first place. Seth finally arrives at The Woolpack. They all sing along as Seth plays the piano.


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