Debbie wakes at the garage, having spent the night with Ross and lied to Pete that the police have taken her in to answer questions. Back home, Pete calls James for advice when he can't get Moses to stop crying or take his food. Debbie panics when Pete informs her they're taking him to hospital. Laurel moves back into Tall Trees Cottage. Amelia goes up to Wishing Well Cottage with a teddy bear on a ruse to give it to Kyle for Kerry and take photos of him. Laurel's relieved when she gets the results of her HIV test back and they are negative. Rachel taunts Jai over his car being stolen. Debbie's guilt grows as Pete blames himself for not noticing something was wrong with Moses. They are told he's dehydrated. Marlon feels awkward around Laurel and asks Paddy and Rhona to join them for lunch. Megan's annoyed with Jai's attitude when he mentions Moses being in hospital. Cain is suspicious of Debbie's alibi for being away over night. Carly quizzes Ross on why he's blowing hot and cold and he agrees to meet her that night. Cain's suspicions are confirmed when he catches Debbie on the phone to Ross. Joanie realises that Amelia sneaked the teddy bear in for Kyle from Kerry. Rachel arrives home to discover her house cordoned off. Jai tells her he's had it assessed for subsidence and it's considered a health and safety risk. He suggests Archie come to stay with him but Kerry foils his plan by inviting Archie, Rachel, Sam and Ruby to stay at Dale Head. Marlon and Laurel are both equally relieved when they each suggests sleeping in separate rooms for the time being. Debbie is told that Moses has pyloric stenosis, a blockage in the stomach that makes it hard to digest food, and needs an operation. She's advised to contact his mother as he's seriously ill. Debbie's guilt intensifies as Pete continues to blame himself.


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