Matt and Jack are kept busy on the farm with lambing season, but Matt confides in Jack that he's worried for Dolly's health. Meanwhile, Alan gets into the office and already begins discussing future plans with Joe.


It's lambing season at Emmerdale Farm, and with Sam and Annie still away, Matt and Jack are kept busy. Joe is a little annoyed at Jackie's tendency to throw his clothes all over Demdyke and bringing girls home. They're both a bit curious about the new estate manager who is due to arrive to take over from Richard Anstey. Henry and Amos receive a postcard from Annie and Sam. Donald is visited by the Bishop of Skipdale, who offers him a promotion. Dolly decides to try and get Jack and Pat together so they can talk about Jackie. At Home Farm Joe and Pat are getting everything in order for the new manager's arrival. He arrives and immediately begins to discuss his plans for the future with Joe. Matt confides in Jack that he's a bit worried about Dolly's desire to have a baby. After what happened last time he doesn't want to risk it if it would endanger her health. Joe brings Alan to The Woolpack for introductions, and Henry is slightly peeved when Amos calls him his assistant.


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