Pat gets a promotion from Alan, but Donald is unsure on whether to accept his from the bishop. Meanwhile, the villagers meet Alan and Amos takes a liking to him.


Alan introduces himself to Seth and Jackie. Chris drops off the pigs to Home Farm. Alan talks to Joe about bringing Pat on as a secretary rather than a cleaner. The bishop tries to convince Donald to accept the promotion, but Donald is unsure. Alan arrives and introduces himself to Donald and the Bishop. Jack is pleased to hear Alan wants to stop the cattle hormone injections but is shocked when Joe also reveals that he wants to computerise Home Farm, and he gets angry when Joe talks to him about Pat. Their argument stops when Amos walks in. Pat offers Joe a secretary job and Pat accepts. However, Alan bombards Pat with a list of things to do. Henry is still sour about Amos calling him his assistant. Frank calls into The Woolpack and asks for Amos's help but he rejects. Jack looks for Pat in The Woolpack. Frank talks Amos into helping him out. The sheeps' restlessness keeps Matt and Dolly awake.


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