The Hotten Courier article refers to Bob as a conman cashing in on the disaster. Finn calls to see Pete and apologises for not telling him about Debbie and Ross. He's relieved when his apology is accepted. Finn questions how Pete can continue to look after Moses, knowing who the father is. Chrissie returns from the police station after giving a full confession. Pete insist he's looking after Moses for Debbie's sake, not Ross'. Sandy comforts Rachel as she mourns Ruby. Planning for the cleanup operation gets underway at the café. Bob decides to take a backseat in lieu of the newspaper article. Chrissie arrives to offer her help but is told to leave. Rachel bumps into her and causes a scene. Chas rescues Chrissie and encourages her to stay away from Robert as she notes how supportive he is being of her at the moment. Belle is smitten as Kirin offers to help her with the cleanup operation. Eric and Finn angrily confront Bob over the newspaper article, leading to a scuffle between Bob and Finn which is witnessed by the police. Kirin warns Rakesh to stop interfering in his life when he sends some workmen round to fix his broken windows. Bob is arrested for breaking his bail conditions. A petrified Chrissie begins to realise that she's not safe in the village and takes her anger out on Robert. Eric arrives at Home Farm asking to speak with her. Bob asks Brenda not to visit him in prison or bring the kids along and encourages her to rebuild her life. Eric tells Chrissie he wants her to leave the village and she agrees leaving Robert and Lawrence shocked. She tells them she's going to stay with Rebecca. Bob says his goodbyes to an emotional Brenda as he is escorted from the village.


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